November 1, 2008

State parks goes from gas to green

Electric motorcycle manufacturer, Quantya and California State Park's Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division partner to promote electric off-highway vehicles.

Nov 1, 2008 - Sacramento, Ca. - When most people think of California State Parks, they envision tall redwood trees or long sandy beaches. They usually don't think of dirt bikes or four-wheel drive vehicles. But these too can be found in State Parks. In fact, the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division of California State Parks is widely recognized as a leader in off-highway vehicle recreation management. Exercising this leadership role, California State Parks approached Quantya, a leading electric motorcycle manufacturer, to partner with the OHMVR Division to promote electric off-highway vehicles.

In order to meet the state's long-term renewable energy and climate change goals, the OHMVR Division supports the development of alternative fuel vehicles for the off-road industry. Recognizing the budding clean-tech boom in California, Quantya has been seeking a way to introduce their new eco-friendly motorcycle to the State. So, the two organizations decided to partner in furthering their mutual goals. Quantya agreed to provide California State Parks with an electric motorcycle for two months at no cost. In exchange, California State Parks agreed to provide direct feedback on the bike's performance capabilities and relevance as a patrol vehicle. Both parties see this exchange as an opportunity to highlight the advances in electric technology for off-highway vehicles which will ultimately help to reduce the nation's dependence on fossil fuels.

The new Quantya Dual Sport "Strada" was developed as a patrol vehicle for law enforcement. "This was a great opportunity for us to learn from State Parks widely recognized experience, and to gain direct feedback on how we can enhance our vehicle's functionality" said David Lodermeier, Technical Services Manager for Quantya USA. The bike's electronic design and silent operation make it perfect to ride in natural settings without causing disturbance and for campground patrols.

To commence the evaluation, State Park Rangers at Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area took possession of the new Quantya "Strada" on August 8th, said John Vallett, Chief Ranger, "... the bike has been perfect for us because we can ride through the park with very little disruption to wildlife, or patrol the campgrounds at night and not disturb guests who are sleeping; while at the same time can have the confidence in the performance of the bike when it is called upon."

California State Parks is assessing Quantya's electric motorcycle because they anticipate it will reduce their operational fuel costs Quantya hopes the feedback and exposure from the relationship with California State Parks will spark interest from other state and federal agencies who are interested in supplementing their existing fleet with proven electric vehicle technology.