About Overview

In 2005 - Quantya SA was formed in Switzerland with a mission of creating a line of high-performance, fun and efficient electric motorcycles and scooters for today's environmental conscious individual.

Quantya combined Swiss ingenuity and attention to detail in order to deliver its first production model the FMX. The FMX was a high performance electric motorcycle for the sports enthusiast who does not want to comprise performance and quality.

Quantya reached a new milestone in 2007 when it obtained the international TUV certification for street legal version in Europe. In addition to the TUV certificate, Quantya obtained the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) certificate as a constructor and assembler of motor vehicles.

"Swiss Electric Movement" is the result of eco-conscious motorcycle enthusiasts who started the development and distribution of zero-emission high performance electric motorcycles. Quantya USA, part of the Swiss Electric Movement, wants to bring the massive success of the Quantya electric motorcycles to the US market. Quantya USA, the exclusive importer and distributor for the USA and Canada, is located in Syosset, NY and more information can be found at www.quantya.us.

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Quantya SA is the only Swiss Motorcycle Manufacturing Company for the development and the production in a wide range of two wheel electric sportive vehicles.

Quantya's goal was to create Swiss Quality high performance electric motorcycles and scooters for today's transportation needs, sports and fun.