Quantya Features

There are several features of Quantya Motorcycles that make them the world’s leading electric motorcycle.

  • Direct Drive Belt

    The direct drive belt provides tremendous reliability coupled with quiet operation and a smoother ride.

  • 19"/18" WHEELS

    The 19" front and 18" rear wheels provide excellent ground clearance, while maximizing traction and handling.

  • The Electric Advantage

    Quantya motorcycles feel and perform similar to a traditional internal combustion motorcycle, while providing all of the advantages of electric operation.

  • Low End Torque

    Low end torque in Quantya motorcycles is greater than in a comparable internal combustion motorcycles. This translates into superior acceleration out of the gate.

  • Ultra Light Weight

    Light weight is achieved as a result of no fluids or heavy engine block or internal mechanisms.

  • Smooth, Quiet Ride

    Quantyas are much smoother and quieter than the typical gas bike. This results in less rider fatigue and longer, more enjoyable experiences.