How can a company be part of the solution to avert global warming without compromising performance and the spirit of thrilling and exciting transportation? This was the question that Quantya asked when it began the design of its motorcycles.

Why electric? Electricity can be generated from a number of sources. Some of them are geothermal, hydro, wind, natural gas, nuclear, coal and solar. These are all available domestically and can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Imagine your most thrilling moment on a motorcycle. Now imagine it without polluting exhaust or invasive noise. Imagine it without the added cost and impact of internal combustion. You are one with nature and treading lightly on the environment. You are ensuring that long into the future the land will be available for you and others to enjoy. You are now empowered by Quantya eco-consciousness.

Quantya provides a remarkable eco-conscious motorcycle with extensive benefits for all potential operations.